5 Ways How To Clean Your Microwave Easily?

All it takes is one round of leftovers or a burnt bag of popcorn and your microwave will turn into a dirty, smelly mess. The key to keeping a microwave clean is regular maintenance.

Today I will discuss how to clean your microwave easily. Work properly cleaning splatters on the inside of the microwave, and greasy fingerprints on the controls.

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Microwaves work much better, says Carolyn Forte, executive director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. Clean the microwave with everyday household cleaning products.

Be sure to stay away from bleach as it can weaken the interior of the plastic. Be careful not to let sauce splatters sit for too long, as your microwaves usually stain countertops and sinks. Can clean the door, turntable, and everything according to the rules.

How to clean your microwave easily?

The combination of smells makes the microwave look, well, sad. This step-by-step procedure includes a turntable to target the interior of the microwave.

Combine 1 cup of water and lemon, lime, or orange slices in a microwave-safe bowl. of apple cider vinegar, combine a few tablespoons and 1 cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl, then heat it on high for a few minutes until the mixture boils and steams out of the window. Allow to cool for 5 minutes, wipe the inside with a sponge, then use.

how to clean your microwave easily

#Step1: Clean the microwave with vinegar

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with two cups of water in a large glass measuring cup. If you are not a fan of the smell of white vinegar, adding a few drops of essential oil will work better to mask the smell.

Microwave the mixture for five minutes to allow as much steam as possible inside the microwave to soften any stubborn grease and grime. Wait 10 minutes, taking care that the contents and steam may still be hot.

Remove the plate and turntable and wipe clean using a clean rag. It may be slippery when wet. Wipe the inside of the microwave—sides, door, top, and bottom. Spot stains in the microwave but clean by dipping a sponge in the remaining water/vinegar solution.

#Step2: Clean the microwave with lemon

If you don’t like the smell of white vinegar, clean your microwave with lemon to get rid of the smell. Start by squeezing or rubbing a lemon between your hands.

Strain the juice into a microwave-safe bowl, using a sieve will work much better. Mix the lemon halves and lemon juice in a cup of water.

Let sit for 10 minutes on high for five minutes, so you don’t accidentally work when you move the pot. Clean with a soft rag. Replace the plate and enjoy the fresh smell of your freshly cleaned microwave.

#Step3: Clean the microwave with baking soda

Also a great microwave cleaner for fluffy pancakes and light-air muffins. Pull that arm and hammer from the back of the kitchen cabinet and use it to clean the dirt and you’ll see it comes off pretty easily.

Work by mixing at least two tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of water. Creates dense steam that breaks down grime and kills bad odors. Should the food debris be loosened, be aware that you may still have extra-stubborn gunk. Use a microwave cleaner paste to remove any remaining mess.

#Step4: Clean the microwave with dish soap

One of the best ways to clean a microwave is always dish soap. Simply follow the steps, but you can substitute white vinegar, lemon, or baking soda for dishwashing liquid.

If you prefer a hands-on approach, following these steps is hassle-free. How to clean your microwave easily, you will understand if you read the entire content.

Mix a few drops of dish soap and warm water and soak a washing sponge until the water is saturated. The glass plate in the kitchen sink works much better than using your sudsy sponge and dish soap.

Use a soapy sponge to scrub. Prevents food or grease from falling. Using a circular motion, coating the ceiling, floor, walls, and doors of your microwave can help a lot. Rinse and repeat until stain-free. Wipe off any last drops of sudsy water, then wipe clean using a dry paper towel or rag.

#Step5: Clean the microwave with a melamine foam sponge

You may find that using a sponge is a great microwave cleaning hack to avoid putting it in the microwave. Clean the turntable and glass plate inside the microwave using small, circular motions.

So hard that it feels like your magic eraser does its cleaning magic a lot better. Replacing the turntable and glass plate by soaking a foam sponge in water and then microwaving for five minutes will come clean.

The microwave should be clean and fresh. Cleaning up the splatters will ensure it stays that way. Troubleshoot the microwave by stopping the built-in microwave from working. The above-mentioned points will help protect the wallet and provide peace of mind.

How to clean the microwave door?

Wipe the edges, sides, and where it seals the oven with a damp cloth or sponge dipped in water and a little baking soda to clean your microwave door.

Clean with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water for greasy windows. Washing and drying should be no problem. For heavy grease build-up and stuck-on splatters, wipe down your microwave door with a sudsy mixture of dish soap and water and you’ll see your door come clean.

Apply the cleaner being careful not to let the cleaner get into the vent holes. To avoid damage, do not spray the electronic control directly with a cleaner. Apply the cleaner to a cloth.

how to clean your microwave easily

How to remove the burnt smell from the microwave?

If you cook something with a smell, the smell comes back as soon as you turn on the oven. Vent the oven with the door open. Also, keep the door closed and keep a bowl of baking soda inside. Clean up any remaining residue and leave an odor-absorbing gel on until you run it again.

How to clean food stuck in the microwave?

Get to work using Seal Star Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of dried food. Place in the dishwasher or work cleanly with lukewarm water and a non-scratch scrub sponge.

Aside from looking unworldly and potentially smelly, heating up a midnight snack to cover the splatter and grime inside, bacteria created by a dirty microwave can make your food sick. Unplug your microwave from the outlet. Cleaning the microwave is less likely to hurt you. Be careful when handling the plate.


Don’t want to risk using disinfectants and can get the job done using lemon, baking soda, or vinegar. One must keep in mind while buying commercial microwave cleaners that are readily available that do not emit fumes that can affect the smell and taste of cooked food.

A good choice for a fume-free cleaner is to ask for microwave-specific products. Leave your microwave in the air for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

Always use the lid to maximize the time between the next unit cleaning. Maintain a low setting when using Remember to use correctly Avoid using strong chemicals just to make cleaning easier.

Heating drinks and you do a much better job of accidentally ingesting those chemicals. If you clean it regularly then there will be no problem.

What is the fastest way to clean a microwave?

Mix at least two tablespoons of baking soda with one cup of water in a safe container and microwave the mixture for five minutes. It breaks down grime and cleans the microwave by killing bad odors.

How to clean dirty microwaves?

To clean a dirty microwave, combine vinegar and water, lemon juice, and water in a heatproof bowl. Avoid scrubbing and your microwave will break up stubborn stains and grease for you, leaving your dirty microwave clean.

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