How To Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush (Quick & Easy)

Revlon’s Hair Dryer Brush is a versatile styling tool that dries and smoothes your hair. Volumizing and straightening can be used very easily.

I will discuss how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush. Let’s talk about keeping the brush sparkling clean. One of the reasons breakout stylers work is by combining a blow dryer and a round brush.

Hair dryer brushes can get dirty over time. Freshly washed hair can be damaged by nasty bristles. Learn how to clean a hair dryer brush. Also, see the post to clean any hot hair dryer brush with Dry Bar Double Shot.

How to clean Revlon hair dryer brush?

This product should be cleaned with a paddle brush frequently. Because it will help remove any build-up of hair and product.

To use a hair dryer brush, parting your hair down the middle works best. Turn on with the bristles down and move it down your hair, the Revlon brush works great on my hair.

What happens if the Revlon hair dryer brush is not cleaned?

Cleaning the Revlon hair dryer brush is an essential part of regular maintenance. Cleaning this tool often helps extend its life. Protects hair from excessive damage. What to use to clean Revlon hair dryer brushes.

  • Toothbrush
  • Dish soap or shampoo
  • the bowl
  • Warm or hot water
  • scissors
  • Remove hair with a microfiber towel

#Step 1: Remove hair

Try to remove the hair before you clean your brush because it has stiff bristles that can trap hair. More stubborn strands may need to be cut with a pair of scissors.

Clean out long tangled hairs that get caught in the bristles. Be careful when pulling the bristles out of shape by pulling too hard.

Don’t worry if you can’t get all the hair out. Start with a vacuum cleaner to remove ingrown hairs and do the right thing for success.

how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush

#Step 2: Prepare the cleaning solution

Pour hot water until it is about half full. Add a few drops of dish soap or your favorite deep-cleaning shampoo and then use. how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush Continue mixing your solution until it starts to bubble then use.

#Step3: Blow dryer brush scrub

Use after double-checking to make sure the hair dryer brush is not plugged in. Dip the barrel of the brush in soapy water and swish it around will work a lot better.

After the brush is saturated, using a toothbrush to scrub the barrel and bristles works much better. Rub your brush in small circular motions then applies.

Pay extra attention to the areas, because that’s where dust and dirt get stuck. Take the time and make sure to properly clean every part of your dryer brush.

how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush

#Step 4: Wipe the brush

Work using a microfiber towel to dry the brush. The towel doesn’t produce as much lint as regular towels. Fractions can be used to help dry your brush.

Do a great job removing visible soap residue and residue. There will be no problem at work. Keep the brush in an upright position. Do not use it until dry. Water retention can cause various problems.

What happens if the Revlon hair dryer brush is not cleaned?

Regular cleaning of products is a very important task. The more dirt, dust, and product residue the hair dryer brush gets, the more work you will do. Clean regularly.

Clean regularly as a necessary part of hair dryer brush maintenance. how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush Clogged with dust and product residue, the more work it has to do will put stress on the motor which can cause your product to fail.

The product may endanger the health and safety of people. To prevent this, clean your hairbrush regularly to avoid any risk.

how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush

#Step1: Makes the hair dirty

Cleaning the hair dryer brush will help it last longer. As the brush gets clogged, hair and dirt work their way into its fine motor.

Can overheat and burn out much faster than otherwise. This means that all the dust and dirt will transfer to your clean strands leaving your hair dirty.

#Step2: Damages hair and scalp

Dryer brushes work by creating the perfect breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Not washing your hair dryer brush regularly does a great job of exposing you to germs.

Acts by leading to irritation and scalp diseases. Fungus and bacteria can also cause your Revlon brushes to smell.

#Step3: Clean hair dryer brush

Can straighten and volumize a lot more efficiently than stuck in gunk. Can transfer to hair and work on leaving it greasy, dull, or dirty. All blowouts will look beautiful.

Work to start cleaning the blow dryer brush

There are a few things you can prepare for a thorough cleaning. Small scissors that you can use to get all the tangled hair out. Dish detergent that we mix with waterworks.

You can also use your shampoo to replace this detergent. A detergent can do more to clean up grease and residue. This hair dryer can be used to clean the toothbrush and a cloth that wipes dirty things.

#Step1: Cut the long tangled hair

Going to deal with the hair by sticking bristles we don’t have to separate each strand by hand and use scissors for this.

Go under each row and column, which does a much better job of simplifying the clumps of hair. Can also get the repellent residue from the slots and bottom filter with the tip of the scissors.

#Step2: Clean the hair dryer with the detergent mixture

Give the blow dryer a few sprays on the barrel of the brush, but don’t get the blow dryer too wet as it can damage it.

A toothbrush with a small brush head is highly recommended to avoid water damage to the dryer as it can go down the vent. Can easily remove hair and dirt. Use hands and scissors.

#Step3: Polish the blow dryer brush

Revlon stylers will wash off. It’s actually risky to do it this way. The dryer should be kept away from water as much as possible and the barrel should be dried with a towel while cleaning with a toothbrush.

Works great for removing all surface stains and water. Lint-free towels should be used and gently drying the barrel works best. Let the styler sit for a few minutes, then brush out a new Revlon hair dryer.

How to remove lint from bristles?

One way to remove lint is to use a toothpick. To deep clean hair brushes with baking soda, work by adding enough baking soda to make a thick paste.

Rub the paste into the bristles using a toothbrush and leave for five minutes, then rinse and air dry. Use when completely dry.


Hair Brushes can be sterilized by soaking them in a diluted bleach solution for 10 minutes. A few different ways to clean hairbrushes work best by soaking them in a mixture of warm water and shampoo.

This paddle brush is good to clean. Take the brush and hold the hair dryer against your head with the bristles facing down and help it move down your hair. Revlon brush works great on hair. It can be used when it is wet and works fine.

Revlon’s one step smells like burning why?

Perhaps this means blocking the lint filter. It needs to be cleaned. Follow the lint filter replacement instructions to fix a potentially burning odor. Dampen a washcloth with alcohol, and clean the plates or sticks while the tool is still warm to remove heat.

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