Best Long-Range Scopes 2023 (Buying Guide)

This product has been replaced with cookie-cutter accuracy rifle scope models. Today let’s talk about the best long-range scopes 2022. Reticle configurations and retail prices are available to prepare long-range rifles.

This product does a great job of creating accurate scopes for a wide range of shooting tasks and personal preferences.

Affordable precision scopes take market share from reputable brands that perform well as scopes. The rifles do a lot better without costing much more than they were intended to be paired with.

Brands do a very good job of over-building this most important but failure-prone opportunity for accuracy. It does a very good job of competing to be one of the best premium long-range shooting scopes.

How far can I see with a 5-25×56 rifle scope?

This is an exaggeration. Your long-range visibility creates the situation. On hot days, when high magnification heat causes mirages, you use lower magnification.

With first-plane reticles on most of the scope, you do a much better job of increasing your power in most situations.

The markings on this product’s reticle are more visible and work much better for 5-25-power rifle scopes. The most useful magnification range is about 8-20-power works.

On both the low and high end, nice features but too low and high-magnification work for most shooters.

#Step1: What scope works for 1,000 yards

For insanely small targets to hit 1,000-yard targets, you can rely on the accuracy characteristics of your scope. The best works by considering reticle references, windage, and elevation references.

All points show fine references regardless of magnification, so a first-plane reticle must work. Ideal for precision rimfire matches. Works great if you shoot a rimfire competition. Consider the close-in focusing ability of the parallax control then work.

#Step2: Making the best rifle scope

Want very clear, crisp images, even beyond 400 yards, considering a European brand with best-in-class optics works.

Best long-range scopes 2022 An excellent reticle, accurate overbuilt turret works if the bullet can place a bullet on a distant target.

Consider a model that improves both by combining positive turret movement and useful illumination modules. Battle-proven controls and an ironclad fully transferable warranty can also be had.

1. ZEISS LRP S5 5-25×56 First Focal Plane

best long-range scopes 2022


Our needs for excellent optics in competition or lifelong hunting can be met with the all-new ZEISS Long Range Precision S5 riflescope.

This product features a European-style fast-focus eyepiece, a ballistic stop elevation turret, and an external locking windage turret.

Offers a fine-line structure with an open-center targeted design that works much better. That won’t be a problem, with side parallax and the most rigorously shock-tested first focal plane riflescope available, with an infinity adjustment range from 25 meters.

Experience what the leader can do with the best of ZEISS. Total Elevation Travel A massive total elevation travel of 140 MOA is available on the ZEISS LRP S5.

Precise adjustments to the repeatable and tactile turrets allow you to work on making the most accurate shot possible regardless of distance.

Optics premium optical design with excellent target or game detection, target resolution, and 90% maximum illumination, providing absolute assurance of making accurate shots possible.

Digitally controlled diffractive reticle illumination technology works well with incoming light. The ultimate validation of the heavy-duty riflescope design proves that ZEISS LRP S5 rifle scopes can be used.

The first wave of precision scopes to provide the optic creates misses. An investment-grade optic that engineers do a much better job of getting targets there from intermediate distances.

The center of the reticle can be solved by holding the aiming point and dialing your aiming solution.

Pros & Cons

  • May make available in MRAD version
  • Makes excellent glass and coatings
  • Produces the most positive turrets in the test
  • Light creates bright illumination
  • This product is a bit heavy
  • It is an expensive product

2. Trijicon Tenmile 4.5-30×56 – 34mm Ffp Red/grn Moa Tree

best long-range scopes 2022


Trijicon won top billing. As it is, this is a very good product among the best long-range rifle scopes for shooters. best long-range scopes 2022 Very good product.

Want the same features as the Zeiss Tenmile works much better with the same nice turrets and other controls. Available in both MOA and MRAD versions, testers noted that the Trijicon’s glass performs just as well as the Zeiss.

The glass is just as good as the Zeiss and works much better for a responsive turret and overall handling. Green and red lighting were preferred, but a consensus was that the highest intensity of both colors worked perfectly well.

This has a magnification range, but testers found the reticle references to be effective up to about 7X. The internal adjustment range inside the 34mm tube works very well for the class.

If load-specific control is desired, the turrets can be swapped out for custom dials that work much better. Understandably, the Objective achieved a higher versatility score than the Zeiss.

For serious precision rifle scopes, a wide magnification range of ten miles works much better.

Pros & Cons

  • Creates a huge magnification range
  • Open resettable height turret works
  • Creates re-zero able and zero-stoppable turrets
  • Both red and green illumination work
  • This product is very heavy
  • The lighting is bright

3.  Vortex Venom 5-25×56 (best long-range scopes 2022)

best long-range scopes 2022


Take the first step into a shooting that lets you go the distance with a ton of shooter-friendly features using this product.

Built in a 34mm tube featuring a 5-25x magnification range, the turret can be used for a large amount of travel. Also included is our RevStop Zero System for reliable return to zero.

It’s the fastest way to get to 1,000 yards and beyond at a price that will get you deep for less. The riflescope inside the Venom 5-25×56 FFP makes it easy for long-range shooters to take the next step.

The mag is accurate throughout the range, which shooters will love because it makes it easy to measure and use to measure targets at range.

The 5-25x zoom range takes the shooter’s father, allowing them to punch out at 1,000 yards and beyond.

Anti-reflective coating on the air-to-glass surface allows enhanced light transmission for optimal clarity and low-light performance. The reticle has a scale.

Constant suspension allows for accurate holdover and ranging at all magnifications. Allows for grid design. A lot works well between two layers of glass for optimal durability and reliability.

Can maximize alignment, as well as strength and waterproofing for optimal visual performance. Nitrogen gas purification works great over a wide range of temperatures Internal fog prevention Patented streamlined design offers a toolless zero stop.

Offers a stop so that the rock-solid return turret works much better returning to zero after adjustment. A scratch-resistant coating can be used to protect the outer lens from scratches, oil, and dirt.

Pros & Cons

  • MRAD can provide control
  • The integrated throw lever works
  • Excellent zero-stop works
  • Opaque glass
  • No lighting works

4. Athlon Ares ETR 3-18X50 Riflescope

best long-range scopes 2022


Advanced fully-multicoated lenses make the edge tougher and perform better in low-light conditions. Windage turret and precision zero stop will keep you on target.

This 6x magnification range serves as an ideal for them. A sufficiently high magnification is required to address the targets. The APRS6 can illuminate the first focal plane on the Ares ETR 3-18×50 model.

Advanced fully multi-coated. XPL casing locking windage turret. High-precision erector system works. Decent competition scope that does a pretty good job of doing most of what precision shooters want.

Good zero-stop turrets and daylight-bright illumination are the reticles with which the test team splits and works very well. PRS shoots in competition and produces finer references.

Those using the first-plane reticle find that the open face of the reticle makes it more versatile. Serious competition shooters do a little more mag work.

Some flares and peripheral distortions at higher magnifications make the target work. Will appeal to rimfire shooters, but long-range shooters have also noted that it works much better.

Sharp at up to 800 yards, this is a feature that makes focus wrangling work in the heat of competition.

Pros & Cons

  • MOA is available in both models
  • Internal adjustment range works
  • 6-step illumination works
  • Disappointing glass does
  • Basic grid works

5. Sightmark Presidio 3-18×50 LR2 FFP

best long-range scopes 2022


Offering a wide range for shooting, the Presidio 3-18×50 does a smooth job. Combines elite performance with stealthy looks. Great product designed for shooters.

The focal plane reticle, which is calibrated for a maximum of .338 caliber, works very well with target and low-light shooting.

Has illumination and fully multi-coated optics. Its enclosed, low-profile turrets operate with a clear, audible click. Gives more confidence when adjusting windage and altitude.

Built-in zero-stop works. The Presidio is extremely accurate and durable. IP67 waterproof and dust-proof, the Presidio works well with a variety of AR and bolt action rifles.

The Presidio 3-18×50 has a flip-up lens cap, operated by a simple throw lever. low-profile turrets; Fully multi-coated optics, creating the first focal plane reticle.

One of the scopes that work very well is easy access to our versatile scopes section. Its lightweight, moderate magnification range, and wide focus range make it a perfect product.

There are references—perhaps too many for a beginning shooter, who might work by describing it as chaotic. Works by placing bullets using holdover and hold-off instead of dialing. The Frontier has a jaw-dropping amount of turret travel that works well.

Pros & Cons

  • Makes light work for the class
  • Internal adjustment range works
  • Creates bright lighting systems
  • Clear turret indicator works
  • There is limited distance utility


Rifle scopes are highly specialized optics that precisely and consistently engage targets at long ranges. Unlike the best rifle scopes, where image clarity and brightness are the most important features.

The subjects are the reticle and the controls, meaning the turret. How effectively you make the shot makes the reticle. Plane reticle, where references will not change regardless of magnification.

Peripheral distortion notices how to know about jags of light in full sunlight. It is difficult to choose between shooting scopes as they are all built and perform exceptionally well. Packs quality components, but selects an optic that works much better.

What pills are needed for a 1,000-yard shot?

The best magnification for long-range rifle scopes is in the 5-25-power range. For 1,000-yard shots, you need enough magnification to place the plane reticle for open chip shots.

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