A Provident Pantry #10 Can

About Provident Pantry Food (#10 Cans)

If you have been looking at long shelf life foods, you almost certainly know Mountain House. But you've probably also seen Provident Pantry products around, and may be wondering about them.

Unfortunately, I cannot find out much about Provident Pantry. I have found that they go back at least to 1999. They may be a private-label brand sold by Emergency Essentials, and from the name is likely produced by Provident Provisions.

It appears as though the prices are similar to the Mountain House line. I personally would go with Mountain House first, if the price was the same. However, there are some notable differences -- for example, Provident Pantry strawberries are about 40% cheaper than Mountain House strawberries, yet the Mountain House ground beef is about half the price of the Provident Pantry ground beef! So shop accordingly.

I purchased a sample can, that has a code on the bottom. . Label states that there may be an oxygen absorber, and has a code on it (FN-A105, which appears in the code on the bottom of the can). It has a UPC code, which does not match any numbers on the bottom of the can, and is registered to Emergency Essentials, Inc.

Here, we display a table showing the #10 cans that they sell, along with some basic nutrition information that might be of concern to you. The table is sortable, so you can easily find which options are the least expensive per 100 calories, and so forth.

Click on any heading (such as 'MSRP' or 'Cost per 100 Calories') to sort!

NameTypeMSRPServingsCaloriesSodiumCost per ServingCost per 100 calories
Apricot DicesFruit/Snack$23.5014700$1.68$2.40
Asparagus PiecesVegetable$16.9518200$0.94$4.71
Banana DicesFruit/Snack$20.5032450$0.64$1.42
Banana SlicesFruit/Snack$19.9532450$0.62$1.39
Cauliflower PearlsVegetable$12.5066075$2.08$3.47
Celery, DicedVegetable$18.95282095$0.68$3.38
Chopped SpinachVegetable$10.50172070$0.62$3.09
Cinnamon Apple SlicesFruit/Snack$14.5016700$0.91$1.29
Colby CheeseCheese$37.951153050$0.33$1.10
Cooked ShrimpMeat$59.951680810$3.75$4.68
Diced ApplesFruit/Snack$17.5013600$1.35$2.24
Green BeansVegetable$13.9521305$0.66$2.21
Green Bell Pepper SlicesVegetable$11.9510450$0.11$2.30
Green PeasVegetable$16.95181005$0.94$0.94
Ground BeefMeat$40.9512220740$3.41$1.55
Ham, Cooked and DicedMeat$51.95122601280$4.33$1.67
Italian Meatballs, CookedMeat$44.9516270850$2.81$1.04
Mango ChunksFruit/Snack$17.9518600$1.00$1.66
Marion BlackberriesFruit/Snack$23.5013700$1.81$2.58
Monterey Jack CheeseCheese37.951075070$1.00$0.71
Mushroom SlicesVegetable$12.505450$0.23$4.63
Orange PiecesFruit/Snack$22.509705$2.50$3.57
Peach DicesFruit/Snack$20.95137035$1.61$2.30
Peach SlicesFruit/Snack$19.50117035$1.77$2.53
Pear DicesFruit/Snack$18.9516600$1.18$1.97
Potato DicesVegetable$15.50227030$0.70$1.01
Roast Beef, CookedMeat$46.5015220$3.10$1.41
Sausage Crumbles, CookedMeat$39.95164201250$2.50$0.59
Sharp Cheddar CheeseCheese$41.501375075$0.30$0.61
Shredded Mozzarella CheeseCheese$41.501004080$0.42$1.04
Strawberries, WholeFruit/Snack$16.9513450$1.30$2.90
Strawberry SlicesFruit/Snack$16.9514450$1.21$2.69
Super Sweet CornVegetable$14.9522700$0.68$0.97
Tomato ChunksVegetable$39.9521250$1.90$7.61
White ChickenMeat$42.951620080$2.68$1.34
White Onion FlakesVegetable$16.5012850$0.13$2.58
Whole BlueberriesFruit/Snack$27.5016600$1.72$2.86
Zucchini SlicesVegetable$11.9522200$0.54$2.72
  • MSRP is the retail price, as best I can tell, as of January, 2011.
  • Servings is the number of servings per #10 can (multiply by 6 to get the number of servings per case).
  • Calories is the number of calories per #10 can (multiply by 6 to get the number of calories per case).
  • Sodium is the number of milligrams of sodium per serving. This may be important if water is scarce, as the sodium can make you thirsty.
  • Cost per 100 calories is the most useful method that I came up with for comparing prices.